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Hampden Christmas Lights


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Hampden Christmas Lights
Photo by Mike Unger

Baltimore's Christmas spirit can best be found in Hampden, where residents of 34th Street have been lighting their houses, trees, sidewalks and anything else they can find for the past 62 years. It's turned into a month-long celebration that draws people from around the city and state. The block, between Keswick Rd. and Chestnut St., is a sight to see, and it seems to get bigger - and brighter - every year.

2010 Christmas Lights in Hampden Info

When: Every night from Nov. 27 through Dec. 31
Where: 700 block 34th Street, between Keswick Rd. and Chestnut St.
Cost: Free. Note: There are vendors on the block selling ice cream, hot chocolate etc. But if anyone tells you they are a resident soliciting money to pay their electric bill, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. The folks on 34th Street say that putting up the lights is a "labor of love," and they do not solicit donations.

To see the lights, park (on the street) nearby and walk. The street is open to cars, but traffic (on 34th St. and leading up to it) moves extremely slowly. Plus pedestrians, dazed by the holiday lights, make navigating tricky.

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