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Review of Wells Discount Liquors

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The selection of wines, beer and spirits plus the diversity of price points and sizes is what sets Wells Discount Liquors on York Road apart from other Baltimore-area wine and liquor stores.

Where else could one choose between a $150 bottle of Brunello di Montalcino (1999) and a 40-ouncer of Natty Boh for just over two bucks? OK, probably not too many people are making that choice, but that points to Wells diversity of clientele as well.


  • Outstanding selection from high-end to lowbrow.
  • Knowledgeable, friendly staff.
  • Delivery.
  • Discounts for cases.
  • Order online.
  • No Sunday license.


  • Store layout a bit confusing.
  • Delivery not available outside Baltimore City.

As Americans growing taste for wine seems unquenchable every liquor store wants to be a wine store. And Wells Discount Liquor on York Road is no exception.

However, unlike so many others, the expansion of its wine selection does not comes are expense of its beer and spirits selections, which are just as extensive. And what makes Wells Discount Liquors even more remarkable is that all this diversity goes across all price points and sizes. Both wine and beer come in sizes outside the standard 750 ml and six-pack.

Wine, Beer and Spirits Selection


    Wines from every continent, organic and kosher wines, sparking wines, Japanese plum wine and saki plus a half dozen kinds of meade are spread throughout the store. In fact, there are two wine areas within the store, which is a bit confusing. A separate room seems to house the most expensive vintages, which are mostly French and Italian wines. It just wouldn't look right to put them next to the jugs of Paul Masson.

    Many of the less expensive wines come in a variety of sizes including gallons and carafes.


    Beer is where Wells Liquors shines. Not to take away from its wine selection, but there are other, similar high-end wine stores out there. However, no one does beer quite like Wells.

    A huge selection of 17-ounce beers from across the globe (priced about $4-$8) makes it easy to sample without commitment. I like to put together themed samplers as gifts, i.e. beers across the United Kingdom. Some stores might come up short on Welsh beer, not Wells.

    Foreign beers are Wells' strongest point. Sure, you got your Belgium, German and Czech beers, like most upscale beer stores. But when you want a case of your favorite Polish beer, this is your place. Kosher beer? No problem.

    With a 100 or so American beers, many of which are micro-brews, Wells domestic selection also excellent, though not as astounding as the foreign beers.

    Also look for a dozen brands of hard ciders. Wells even has a good selection of non-alcholic beers. Everything from Old Milwalkee NA (who knew such a thing existed?) to Germany's Warsteiner Fresh N/A (who knew Germans drank non-alcoholic beer?).


    Like Wells' beer and wines, its selection of whiskeys (Scotch, American, Irish, Canadian and even Welsh) has something for every budget and taste. The $10 bottle of Duggans Dew Scotch sits just a little way down the shelf from Bruichladdich Islay Single Malt Scotch, which will set you back more than $100.

    Other spirits include brandy, Cognac, cordials, gin, rum, vodka, tequila and mezcal. Or buy a pre-mixed cocktails, like Chi Chis margartitas.

Location, Discounts and Delivery

Location and Hours


    When you're browsing the shelves the selection is astounding but the origin of the "discount" part of the name isn't obvious. Prices seem kind of average for this area. But there are quite a few specials that will lower your total at check out.
    • Senior citizen discount - 10 percent on all non-sale wines everyday and 10 percent on all non-sale items (except tobacco products) on Wednesdays.
    • Wine by the case - ranges from 10 to 20 percent, depending on bottle size.
    • Spirits by the case - 10 percent.
    Wells offers monthly sales of select items. Click on the links below to see this months sale items.


    Wells Liquors is just inside the Baltimore City line so that limits its delivery area to the city only. If you live outside the city you can still order online for pick up. May not sound like a big time saver but the website is a better organized than the store, though the store has a better selection.

    The minumum for delivery orders is $75. To check if your address is within Wells' delivery area, call 410-435-2700. Deliveries are available Tuesday through Saturday. thereson who placed the order must accept it and must show a driver's license and the credit card used in the transactions.

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