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Best Pizza Places in Baltimore


Baltimore isn’t known for its pizza–nor should it be. There’s enough poor pie here to turn off even the most diehard ‘za fan, but out of the darkness, a few shining lights do emerge. Here’s where to turn when you’re looking for a tasty slice.

1. Matthew's Pizzeria

What Makes It Special: It calls itself Baltimore’s first pizzeria, and it very well could be its best as well. Its individual-size pies have the sweetest, freshest tomato sauce in town.

You’ve Got To Try: The crab pie, which uses 100% lump backfin crab meat and is sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning.
Phone: 410-276-8755
Where It Is: 3131 Eastern Ave.

2. Joe Squared Pizza and Bar

What Makes It Special: Sure, the pizza is square, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that it’s incredibly delicious (you won’t). The key here is fresh ingredients and fascinating topping options, everything from carrots to mint to squid.

You’ve Got To Try: The BBQ chicken pizza, which includes always ripe avocado.
Phone: 410-545-0444
Where It Is: 133 W. North Ave.

3. Italian Graffiti

What Makes It Special: The freshness of the homemade sauce and the toppings shines through at his new Fells Point pizzeria. Intriguing combos like the shrimp, artichoke and other veggie pie make for a new and pleasing experience every time you order.

You’ve Got To Try: The square, Sicilian-style bruschetta pizza.
Phone: 410-534-5454
Where It Is: 1635 Fleet St.

4. DiPasquale’s

What Makes It Special: Nearing its 100th birthday, four generations of DiPasquales have run this Italian marketplace and deli. Its pizzas are prepared in a brick oven that looks like it is fresh off the boat from Sicily.

You’ve Got To Try: The Caspian. Featuring Italian tuna, capers, black olives, onions and olive oil, it’s like no pizza you’re ever tasted.
Phone: 410-276-6787
Where It Is: 3700 Gough St.

5. BOP - Brick Oven Pizza

Photo by Mike Unger
What Makes It Special: An acronym for Brick Oven Pizza, BOP’s slices come out of its massive brick ovens piping hot and with perfectly crisp crust. It burns only hard wood oak and maple, which heats the oven to 750-900 degrees.

You’ve Got To Try: BOP offers more than 50 toppings.
Phone: 410-563-1600
Where It Is: 800 S. Broadway

6. Little Italy Pizzeria

What Makes It Special: Its perfect location in the heart of Fells Point (not Little Italy), and the fact that it’s open long after the bars close.

You’ve Got To Try: An impossibly large, dripping with grease but oh-so-good slice of cheese at 2 a.m.
Phone: 410-563-3322
Where It Is: 624 S. Broadway

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