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Best Bars to Watch Football in Baltimore


A football town at its core, Baltimore boats no small number of great bars in which to watch your favorite team. The following all have standard bar-fare menus, plenty of cold beer on tap and no shortage of TVs.

1. Looney’s Pub

Photo by Mike Unger

What Makes It Special: Cooking up some of the best wings in town, Looney’s has three distinct bars, each with an abundance of flat-screen TVs tuned to all the best college and pro games. It attracts fans of many different teams. Try the Old Bay wings, a Maryland staple and just one of several flavors. All Looney's wings are crisp, juicy, and perfectly coated with the venerable seasoning. Your basic unassuming sports bar, Looney's is a comfortable place, inexpensive place to catch a game.
Phone: 410-675-9235
Where It Is: 2900 O’Donnell St.


2. Mother’s Federal Hill Grille

Photo by Mike Unger

What Makes It Special: Its purple patio outdoor area is perfect for fall Saturdays or Sundays, and its location near M&T Bank Stadium means it’s generally packed with enthusiastic Ravens fans before and after the game. Mother's is better known for its great scene than its great food, but it does have solid wings and get-the-job-done quality bar food.
Phone: 410-244-8686
Where It Is: 1113 S. Charles St.


3. Pickles Pub

What Makes It Special: There's something inherently cool about watching football in the very shadow of M&T Bank Stadium. Pickles has the requisite flat-screen TVs, good bar food, and cold beer to make this list - and this one too.  
Phone: 410-752-1784
Where It Is: 520 Washington Blvd.

4. NcDevin’s Bar and Grill

What Makes It Special: Named Best Sports Bar by Baltimore magazine in 2008, NcDevin’s is home to some of the friendliest bartenders in town. While it’s a smallish place, there are TVs everywhere you look, and the bartenders are more than happy to put on your game. Warning: During the NFL season, Steelers fans congregate here to root on the black and gold. Also be warned: NcDevin's is usually out of at least one thing on the menu, and one liquor behind the bar. Know that going in, and you'll have a great time. 
Phone: 410-276-0600
Where It Is: 801 S. Decker Ave.


5. The Sly Fox Pub

What Makes It Special: A home, deep inside enemy territory, for Washington Redskins fans, the Sly Fox also hosts Virginia Tech backers on Saturdays. But make no mistake about it, this joint bleeds burgundy and gold. Try the The Original Sliders, four mini burgers topped with American cheese and pickles, served with fresh cut fries. They'll have you singing Hail to the Sly Fox!
Phone: 410-637-3699
Where It Is: 823 E. Fort Ave.

6. Max’s Taphouse

Photo by Mike Unger
What Makes It Special: Beer, beer, and more beer. It claims to have Maryland’s largest beer selection, with 80 on tap and more than 500 varieties of bottles. There are plenty of TVs tuned to football, and local sports personality Mark Viviano hosts a live football-themed radio show from the bar Mondays during the season from 6 to 8 p.m. Be adventurous and order a beer you've never heard of. While the food is stellar at Max's, the beer is what draws people back. So pass on the Miller Lite or Bud and order up a German stout or Czech lager. You won't regret it.
Phone: 410-675-6297
Where It Is: 737 S. Broadway

7. MaGerks Pub & Grill

What Makes It Special: Philly to the bone, MaGerks’ just-greasy-enough cheesesteaks are as authentic as you’re going to find south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Eagles fans tend to congregate here (so pass if you’ve heard just about enough of “Fly Eagles Fly”), but there are plenty of TVs so you’ll be able to find your game. Make sure to order a cheesesteak-both the beef and chicken varieties are delicious. In Philly the debate may be Pat's or Geno's, but in Baltimore, there is no debate. It's MaGerks.
Phone: 410-576-9230
Where It Is: 1061 S. Charles St.

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