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Best Crab Cake Sandwiches in Baltimore


Want to start a fight in Baltimore? Just declare that you know where to get the best crab cake sandwich. There are many places around town that serve great, fat cakes, but beware - there are many pretenders as well. Stick with these proven favorites.

Because I so treasure crab cakes and I'm so snobby in my judgment of them, I have kept this list short. If you know of a great place I should try, please feel free to email me. I'm always up for experiencing a new crab cake.

***Make your own crab cakes***

1. Faidley's

Photo by Mike Unger
What Makes It Special: Whether they know it or not, Faidley's is what people are imagining when they think of an authentic Baltimore crab cake sandwich. Since 1886 the company has been churning out some of the sweetest, tastiest cakes in town, from a corner of Lexington Market that oozes ambiance. With a bit more filler than some of its competitors, Faidley opts for flavor over shere girth, and it succeeds. It's a stop not to be missed on Baltimore's crab cake circuit.
Phone: 410-727-4898
Where It Is: Lexington Market, 203 North Paca St.

2. G&M Restaurant and Lounge

Photo by Mike Unger
What Makes It Special: The lines tell the story. Never have I been to G&M - and I've been there a lot - and not had to endure a wait at the take-out counter or for a table in the (recently renovated) dining room. Even stranger: I've never once minded the wait. The crab cake sandwich is that good. Huge chunks of meat and just enough tasty filler make this sandwich one of the most fulfilling meals in Baltimore. It comes with lettuce and tomato, but toppings, in my opinion, are not necessary. Don't mess with perfection.
Phone: 410-636-1777
Where It Is: 804 Hammonds Ferry Rd.

3. Koco's Pub

Photo by Mike Unger

What Makes It Special: An inviting neighborhood joint on Harford Road, Koco's has been family owned since 1985. That care shows in its colossal crab cakes, one of which should be plenty for 99 percent of people. The cake is tasty and packed with crab meat, but it also does have its fair-share of filler and plenty of mayo.
Phone: 410-426-3519
Where It Is: 4301 Harford Rd.

4. Todd Conner's

Photo by Michele MacKenzie

What Makes It Special: A new entry in the crab cake sandwich wars is Todd Conner's creation. The small restaurant and bar in Fells Point serves a unique interpretation of the classic. Served drizzled with red pepper aioli, the sandwich bursts with flavor. It's not necessarily traditionally Baltimore in its preparation, but it is delicious.
Phone: 410-537-5005
Where It Is: 700 S. Broadway

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