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Little Italy Dining Guide


Baltimore's Little Italy is a small neighborhood packed with delicious family-run restaurants. Located just a few blocks from the bustling Inner Harbor, Little Italy feels a world away. Cuisine from every region of Italy is served in restaurants ranging from casual to super-snazzy. One thing that connects them all: an appreciation for the glory of Italian food.

Updated January, 2010


306 S. High St.
Dinner entrees: $19-$45

Dine in a luxurious palazzo-like setting enjoying dishes made with organic and often local ingredients. While Aldo's describes its offerings as "southern-influenced regional Italian cuisine," look for a lot more than pastas doused red sauce. The house's signature dish is foie gras-wrapped tournedos Rossini with wild mushroom sauce.


231 S. High St.
Dinner entrees: $14-$19

In a Little Italy filled with expensive-ish, fancy restaurants, Amicci's is a more casual oasis of affordability. Great for families, it has an extensive menu of tasty Italian classics, including fantastic shrimp scampi. The restaurant also has a full bar that's more than just a place to wait for your table. It offers a full menu every day and late-night.

Caesar's Den

223 S. High St.
Dinner entrees: $14-$29

Serving traditional Neapolitan fare, Caesar's Den is known for its grilled entrees. Like most of its offerings, these flame-cooked dishes are simple preparations, often involving only a few ingredients, with complex flavors.

Cafe Gia

410 S. High St.
Entrees: $16-$23

A relative newcomer to the neighborhood, Cafe Gia is a Sicilian bistro whose family owners have lived in Little Italy for four generations.


237 S. High St.
Entrees: $16-$25

One of the neighborhood's legendary staples, eating at Chiapparelli's is like visiting your (Italian) grandma's dining room for dinner. Start with the absolutely delicious Caesar salad, then choose from any of the Italian classics, all prepared with the same love and passion grandma pours into her cooking. Chiapparelli's upstairs rooms are great spots for private parties.

Ciao Bella

236 S. High St.
Entrees: $18-$28

This restaurant has been family-owned for 18 years, and serves Northern and Southern Italian cuisine. The menu features beef, tender veal, fresh seafood, chicken, pasta and vegetables.

Daleiso's of Little Italy

829 Eastern Ave.
Dinner entrees: $16-$28

Light on the sauces heavy on the decor, Dalesio's offers California-influenced Italian fare in a Victorian-style dining.

Da Mimmo

217 S. High St.
Dinner entrees: $20-$35

A gigantic broiled veal chop is this family-run eatery's signature dish. But you'll also find plenty of traditional pasta dishes including fettucine Alfredo, spaghetti Bolognese, linguine alla carbonara and eggplant Parmigiana.

Della Notte

801 Eastern Ave.
Dinner entrees: $21 - $39

Perhaps Little Italy's most visible restaurant, behind the imposing neo-classical facade on President Street lies a Mediterranean villa-style setting serving contemporary and classic Italian cuisine. In the lounge a piano bar entertains, and a Sunday jazz brunch offers American breakfast favorites and traditional Italian fare.

Germano's Trattoria

300 South High St.
Entrees: $11-$28

Experience a little slice of Tuscan life at this restaurant with three spacious dining rooms. The decor and the cuisine all hail from Tuscany. Try the grilled flatbread drizzled in extra virgin olive oil and rubbed with garlic, topped with fresh tomatoes and fagioli. Or if your feeling adventurous order from the extensive selection of grappa. Thursday night the restaurant features a cabaret.
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