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Negotiating the tangled web that is Baltimore city government can be a truly frustrating and daunting task. No longer. Here's everything you need to know from how to renew your parking permit to requesting bulk trash pickup.

Baltimore’s Homicide Rate: Positive Trend Or Continuing Tragedy?
Homicide has been Baltimore's most visible and tragic problem for years. Last year saw the city make a dent in its homicide rate, but just how much progress has been made? An examination of the Baltimore's biggest problem.

City of Baltimore
The city's official Web site.

311 Online
The easiest way to request services from the city government.

City Services Directory
A complete directory of the city services you may need to contact.

Baltimore Police Department
The city's men and women in blue.

Voting in Maryland
Voting in Maryland, as it is everywhere in a thriving democracy, is a critically important civic action. To vote in a Maryland election, you must register 21 days prior to the general election or primary. Voters cast their ballots at their local polling place, which is listed on the Voter Notification Card they received after registering.

Registering to Vote in Maryland
Registering to vote in Maryland is easy - especially with this About.com Q&A that provides you with everything you need to know about the process.

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