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Living in Baltimore


Got a question about Baltimore?  We've got an answer.
  1. Baltimore Basics
  2. Living and Working
  3. Relationships and Families
  4. Transportation
  5. Shops and Services
  1. History and Culture
  2. Schools and Learning
  3. Government and Municipal Services
  4. Beyond City Limits

Baltimore Basics

 Let's start with the basics.

Living and Working

Many Victorian rowhouses in Charles Village have been painted in vivid colors.

Resources for newcomers and those going through new phases of life.

Relationships and Families


Build strong relationships.



How to get where you're going.

Shops and Services

Baltimore Farmer's Market

Find what you're looking for.

History and Culture


Learn about Baltimore's storied history and quirky culture.

Schools and Learning

Charles Village is home to Johns Hopkins Unviersity Homewood Campus.

Education in and around Baltimore.

Government and Municipal Services

Ease your path through bureaucracy.

Beyond City Limits


Need a break from city living?

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