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What Fireworks Are Legal in Maryland?


Fireworks are part of Baltimore's July 4th celebrations, but what fireworks are legal in Maryland?

The answer is not too many. Unless part of a public display (approved by the local fire department), most fireworks are illegal in Maryland. In these counties, there is an outright ban of all consumer fireworks.

  • Baltimore City
  • Prince George's
  • Montgomery
However, sparklers containing no chlorates or perchlorates, and ground-based sparkling devices that are non-aerial and non-explosive are permitted in most of the rest of the state. Typically this includes “gold label” sparklers, “snap-n-pops,” “black snakes,” and “Champagne party poppers.” The sale of sparklers to persons under the age of 16 is illegal.

These counties and municipalities ban ground-based sparklers:

  • Harford County
  • Howard County
  • Ocean City
Sparklers (both hand-held and ground-based that are legal according to Maryland state law) are allowed in Baltimore County. Possession and/or use of illegal fireworks in Maryland could mean confiscation and fines up to $250.

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