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Baltimore is a city largely defined by its neighborhoods. Varying widely in demographics, cultural offerings, and history, they all boast the one trait that sets Baltimore apart: genuine character. Find out everything you need to know to live in, or just visit, one of the city's charming neighborhoods.

Baltimore Neighborhoods
Everything you need to know about Baltimore's neighborhoods

Hampden Photo Tour
It doesn't get any funkier than Hampden. This North Baltimore neighborhood, home to the annual Honfest, is a collection of old-time Bawlmer residents, newcomers to the city, artists, students, and seniors. In short, everyone's welcome here, including those looking for great restaurants, eclectic stores, and great people-watching.

Charles Village Photo Tour
A photo tour of the Charles Village neighborhood in Baltimore, home of The Baltimore Museum of Art, Johns Hopkins University, and more.

Fells Point Walking Tour
It doesn’t get more Baltimore than Fells Point. With its cobblestone streets and brick rowhomes exuding as much charm today as they did 250 years ago, the neighborhood is cloaked in history. There’s a little something here for everyone, which helps explain the huge crowds that flock to the waterfront ‘hood on spring, summer, and fall days.

Neighborhood Profile: Canton
Learn everything you need to know about living in or visiting Baltimore's Canton neighborhood.

Live Baltimore
Profiles and information on Baltimore's 225 neighborhoods

Baltimore Neighborhood Collaborative
Bringing together business, government, and civic organizations to support the revitalization of Baltimore's neighborhoods

Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance
Committed to promoting, supporting and helping people make better decisions using accurate, reliable, and accessible data and indicators to improve the quality of life in Baltimore City neighborhoods.

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