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Fells Point


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Fells Point
Fells Point

Thames Street Waterfront

Laureen Brunelli
True to its history as a sailors' stopover, Fells Point retains its maritime flavor to this day. Tugboats and water taxis now ply its waters, while bar-goers troll its cobblestone streets. But the community still retains its residential character. Quaint rowhomes, some dating from the 18th century, line its narrow streets. Visitors stay in Fells Point's quaint inns and shop in its eclectic boutiques.

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Today, Fells Point is best known for its bars and nightlife as well as its dining scene.

Founded in 1730 by William Fell, this community was incorporated into Baltimore in 1797. In the 1960s, "progress" threatened to turn this area into an interstate. Residents fought the highway and won, beginning the neighborhood's urban renewal.

To raise money for the fight against the highway, the neighborhood began a street fair. In the last 40 years, that event has grown into the Fells Point Fun Festival, which attracts 700,000 visitors every year during the first weekend in October.

Parking in Fells Point can be tricky since the neighborhood was not designed with cars in mind.

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