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Mount Vernon


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Mount Vernon Neighborhood
Mount Vernon - Baltimore Maryland

Mount Vernon homes

Photo by Laureen Miles Brunelli

From its inception in the early 19th century, Baltimore's Mount Vernon has been an impressive address. The country's first monument to George Washington stands here. John Eager Howard donated the highest point in Baltimore for the site of the Washington Monument, which could once be seen by ships entering the harbor. Today downtown's skyscrapers and the Inner Harbor block that view.

Soon after the monument's completion in 1829, graceful townhomes (above) sprung up around Mount Vernon Place and Washington Place, which flank the monument that rise from the middle of Charles Street.

But there's a lot more to this National Register Historic District than beautiful homes. In fact, though Mount Vernon still has plenty of residential areas, which feature single family rowhouses, carriage houses, condominiums, apartments in row homes and high-rise buildings, it is now best known for its cultural attractions, restaurants, shops, theaters and nightlife.



  • Flower Mart
  • Artscape
  • Holiday Lighting of Washington Monument


The attractions above are all within Mount Vernon proper (which is south of Mount Royal Avenue to Mulberry Street and from Howard Street to the west and Guilford Street to the east). These attractions are nearby but outside that area:
  • Penn Station – just north of Mt. Royal Ave. on Charles St.
  • Farmers Market – under Jones Fall Expressway (I-83) near Saratoga Street
  • Inner Harbor – 10 blocks south
  • Charles Theatre – a few blocks north of Mt. Royal Ave. on Charles St.
  • Jonestown – neighborhood to the southeast
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