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Canton's O'Donnell Square


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O'Donnell Square
Canton's O'Donnell Square

O'Donnell Square

Canton's reversal of fortune from a rundown enclave of shuttered canneries to Baltimore nightlife hot spot took place over nearly two decades. Take a photographic tour of today's O'Donnell Square and get the inside scoop on what's to do in this popular neighborhood.

Flanked by a stone church at the eastern end and an old firehouse to the west, O'Donnell Square began as the marketplace for Canton, a neighborhood of factory workers. An old public market once stood on the median in O'Donnell Street, now a leafy green space where urban professionals walk their pooches before heading to one of the many restaurants and bars that ring the square.

Every St. Patrick's Day, the square becomes a hub of activity when Claddagh Pub sponsors the annual Meet in the Street party, where tents are erected and the reveling moves outside. But every weekend all year long is a party too.

Continue the photo tour of Canton's bars and restaurants.

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