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Creative Alliance at The Patterson


Creative Alliance at The Patterson

Creative Alliance at The Patterson

The mission of this non-profit community arts group Creative Alliance at The Patterson is to bring "together artists and audiences from diverse backgrounds to experience spectacular arts programs and engage in the creative process."

"Diverse" is the key word in that statement. That mission translates into anything from summer art classes for Baltimore City kids to regular performances by "acrobatic burlesque superduo" Trixie Little & The Evil Hate Monkey.

And "spectacular" fits The Great Halloween Lantern Parade, Creative Alliance's best-known event. The annual procession through Patterson Park draws thousands carrying their own lighted artistic creations. Halloween Lantern Parade photos

Coming up at Creative Alliance: Events Calendar

An old Baltimore City movie theater, The Patterson on Eastern Avenue in Highlandtown, restored in 2003, serves as home base for the arts group. The multi-purpose arts center offers space for:

  • Musical and theatrical performances
  • Films screenings
  • Visual arts exhibits
  • Classes and workshops
  • Artists studio space
Programs offered by Creative Alliance include:
  • Creative Alliance MovieMakers (CAmm) - Resource group for people who work in film, video and digital media offers workshops, screenings, equipment, and networking.
  • Open Minds - These after-school and summer art classes for kids take place at The Patterson and libraries and school includes an exhibition at the end.
  • Creative Alliance Residency Program - Artists live and work at The Patterson.
  • Marquee Ball - Annual fundraiser always promises over-the-top performances and stunning art.


Begun in 1995 as the Fells Point Creative Alliance, the arts group made its way to Highlandtown where it now serves the whole city with its original art presentations.

After a $3.6 million renovation The Patterson reopened as a multi-purpose arts center in 2003. The facility includes two gallery spaces, a 180-seat flexible theater, a classroom, media lab, offices and live/work studios for eight artists.

In 1910, a movie house and dance hall stood on the current site of The Patterson. In 1930, the present building was constructed, and it operated as a movie theater until 1995.

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