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Baltimore County Magnet Schools


Baltimore County magnet schools offer theme-oriented programs that give students an in-depth experience in particular areas of interest, such as science, arts or a vocational or techical program. While some magnet programs are part of a more traditional school, others encompass the entire school.

Before a student can register in a Baltimore County magnet school, he or she must apply. All magnet schools require students to submit an application almost a year in advance.

Baltimore County Magnet Schools Application Process

To apply for a Baltimore County magnet school, obtain an application from a school counselors, magnet schools, by mail, or via the magnet schools website. The application process can be started at the beginning of the school year prior to the year of expected enrollment. For instance the 2008 deadline for 2009-20010 school year is November 26, 2008. Applications are available September 16, 2008.

Most middle and high schools require an on-site audition or assessment as part of the application process. Middle school and high school applicants must submit the requested report card information by the application deadline. New residents who moved to Baltimore County after the deadline may submit a new resident special application. Kindergarten students with an older sibling already enrolled in a maget program are automatically accepted.

However, at the secondary level, no special consideration is given to students with siblings currently attending the magnet school. At the middle school and high school level 10-20 percent of the students are assigned through a random, computerized selection process of the applicants. The remaining seats are filled based on a criteria of grades and performance factors, including the on-site assessments. These assessments may include an audition, interview, writing sample or testing.

All elementary schools and some high schools accept applications after the entry grade of kindergarten and grade 9, respectively. However, middle schools only accept magnet applications for grade 6.

Transportation is only provided within the school's geographic boundaries. Students whose homes are outside those boundaries must provide their transportation to school or to certain pick-up points within the school's boundaries.

Because magnet programs have limited openings at each grade, there is usually a wait list for qualified applicants. To be placed on the waiting list the student must have met admission criteria first. A computerized random selection process is then used to fill the seats.

For additional information, call the Baltimore County Public Schools magnet school information Line at 410-887-4127.

Baltimore County Magnet Schools 2007-2008

Elementary Schools

  • The Chatsworth School – K to 3
  • Church Lane Elementary Technology School – K to 3
  • Cromwell Valley Elementary Regional – K to 5
  • Magnet School of Technology Pre-K3 to 4
  • Eastwood Elementary Magnet School – K to 4
  • The Halstead Academy of Arts and Science – K to 5
  • Lutherville Laboratory for Science, Mathematics and Communication – K to 4
  • Wellwood International School – K to 1
Middle Schools
  • Deep Creek Middle School – 21st Century Digital-Age Learning
  • Deer Park Middle Magnet School – Mass Communication
  • Lansdowne Middle School – Career & Professional Studies
  • Loch Raven Academy – Law & Finance, Environmental Science
  • Parkville Middle Schooland Center of Technology – Exploratory Program
  • Sudbrook Magnet Middle School – Beginning French, Environmental & Earth Science, Japanese, Spanish, Strings, Theatre Arts, Vocal Music
High Schools
  • Carver Center for Arts & Technology – Carpentry, Culinary Arts, Digital Arts
  • Eastern Technical High School – Culinary Arts
  • Kenwood High School – Sports Science Academy
  • Lansdowne High School – Academy for Advanced Professional Studies
  • Sollers Point Technical High School – Allied Health CAN, Automotive Service, Technology, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Graphic/Print, Communications Technology, Network Administration & Design
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