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Baltimore Christmas Gifts


Baltimore-themed Christmas gifts are a timeless way to tell someone you love them - and you love their town. Books, movies, sports gear and more make a great Christmas, Hannukah or other holiday gift for friends and family

Books by Baltimore Authors

Anne Tyler, David Simon, Laura Lippman, Tom Clancy. Baltimore has produced a ton of great writers. Shop for books by them.


Nothing says Baltimore like big hair, and John Waters' masterful movie (then musical) captured that charming sentiment perfectly. Shop for Hairspray DVDs and CDs.

Maryland and Chesapeake Bay Cookbooks

The fruit of the Cheapeake Bay is bountiful, but how best to prepare it? A Maryland cookbook makes a great gift for anyone who loves to cook (or eat, for that matter)

Ravens Tailgaiting Gear

Every Baltimore family has at least one die-hard Ravens fan, and chances are they'll love something with the purple and black logo.

Orioles Stuff

The Birds will be back on top any day now (hopefully, hopefully). Regardless of their record, their colors and logo are cool.

Restaurant Gift Certificates

Baltimore is blessed with tons of great restaurants, and we give you the opportunity to buy money-saving gift certificates to dozens of these places. Be sure to read the fine print, but if you do you'll find great deals are available here.

Hannah More School Note Cards

The Hannah More School in Reisterstown is selling 5x7 note cards with students' art work as a fund-raiser.

The school provides individualized academic, vocational and therapeutic programs to elementary, middle and high school students with disabilities including autism spectrum conditions.

The cards are $15 for a pack of 12, and feature four abstract prints designed by students. The pictures - rendered in bold reds, greens and yellows - depict interpretations of people and animals in geometric shapes that imitate the abstract paintings of 20th century masters.

To order them, call the school at 443-881-2033

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