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Best Vintage Boutiques in Baltimore


Looking to ensure you don't show up at an event wearing the same department store threads as everyone else? Then check out some of the best vintage boutiques in Baltimore. Like treasure chests that washed ashore from the '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s, these vintage clothing stores are crammed with unique clothes -- just don't walk in expecting Salvation Army prices.

1. Miná's Gallery and Boutique

815 W. 36th St.; 410-732-4258
You won't find any musty old cardigans at this vintage boutique along The Avenue (36th Street) in Hampden. Local artist and owner Minás Konsolas and his wife have been decking Baltimore out in quality vintage (and some new) clothes since 1992 when the store first opened in Fells Point. Besides several racks of neatly organized clothes, shoppers will find retro toys, jewelry, and books penned by local authors. Above the store is an art gallery that hosts an impressive calendar of poetry readings, performance art, and open mic events, making a great stop during Hampden's monthly First Friday event.

2. Myrtle Dove Vintage

5006 Lawndale Ave.; 410-435-0033 -- Now closed, online only.
Myrtle Dove Vintage stocks some amazing hand-picked finds, including vintage clothing and accessories (as well as many housewares that are near impossible to pass up). The owner forages through thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales to find the best vintage styles and offers them up at more-than-reasonable prices. Whether you're looking for a jaw-dropping dress or some accessories that are sure to be conversation pieces, Myrtle Dove is the place to go. Shop by heading straight to their brick-and-mortar store or check out what's for sale at Myrtle Dove's Etsy page.

3. Killer Trash Boutique

602 S. Broadway; 410-675-2449
This tiny vintage clothing store in Fells Point is packed with so many funky duds the racks can be a challenge to look through. But with prices that rarely reach over $30, persistence can pay off if you're looking for a perfect vintage coat or dress. If you need some styling pointers, take a tip from the kooky mannequins scattered throughout the store or ask one of the store employees. Out of all the vintage clothing stores in Baltimore, Killer Trash Boutique is probably a shopper's best bet for finding a Halloween Costume. There is also a small men's section worth a look through.

4. Hunting Ground

3649 Falls Rd.; 410-243-0789
Finely decorated and housed in a former church, Hunting Ground is a great stop for the latest trends in vintage clothes -- in fact it might be the best place to find vintage menswear in Baltimore. Instead of stocking clothes from different eras, the store seeks out vintage styles that have recirculated and become the latest trends. Shoppers will also find vintage accessories, including boots, sunglasses, wallets, scarves, hats, and shoes. Hunting Ground also has lots of newly-made clothes at fair prices, as well as some musical equipment up for sale.

5. Ten Car Pile Up

511 York Road, Towson; 410-832-5246
Although this vintage clothing store is outside city limits, it's worth the trip if your looking for stellar pieces from the '50s to the '80s. Owner Shane Gullivan, who has been a stylist since the '70s, handpicks the garments, shoes, jewelery, and bags for Ten Car Pile Up. There is also a venue upstairs that caters to the punk, ska, and hardcore crowd.
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