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Artificial Christmas Trees


OK, so you're not the cut your own Christmas tree type. You're not even the pick up your tree at Home Depot type. You prefer the convenience of a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. No hassle with lights. No vacuuming needles. Save your energy for the rest of your Christmas decorating.

Get an artificial Christmas tree in a Baltimore store or look at trees online. Here are some unusual styles that might be tougher to find.

Also shop here for Christmas tree stands.

White Christmas Tree

For some an artificial Christmas tree isn’t about convenience but style. This white tree with fiber optic tips to reflect your decorations doesn't make any attempt to mimic a real tree, but it will add sparkle to your home.
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Artificial Purple Christmas Tree with Purple Lights

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Show your Baltimore Ravens spirit this Christmas with this tree with a dark purple base, 500 purple lights and 1024 purple branch tips.

Prelighted Jefferson Christmas Trees

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This very natural-looking, 6-foot artificial tree has 2,030 tips and 650 clear or multi-colored lights.

Red Ruby Christmas Holiday Tree

Photo: PriceGrabber
Make a bold statement with a pre-lit red Christmas tree. According to the manufacturer, "this design features 851 pine needle tips for a full and realistic looking tree." Now, that might be stretching the truth a bit. I've never seen a tree this red outside the pages of a Dr. Seuss book.
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Silver Laser Tinsel Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear Lights

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This 4.5-foot tree shimmers from every angle. It features hinged branch construction, a silver metal Christmas tree stand, 327 tips and 200 clear lights.

Siberian Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear Lights

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A delicate touch of frost decorates branches, pine cones and berries of this 7-foot Siberian pine. Accented with 650 clear lights, this tree has 999 branch tips.

Barcana Half Upside Down Christmas Tree

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Price Range: $135.96 from 1 Seller Description: This space-saving tree hangs upside down up against your wall. Five feet tall, this tree has 350 clear lights.

L.L.Bean Decorated Balsam Tabletop Tree

Photo: PriceGrabber
This one isn't actually an artificial Christmas tree. But it is small and convenient (i.e delivered to your door). But has the added benefit of making your house smell good. Made with fresh Maine balsam and fully adorned for the season, this table top Christmas tree also makes a great holiday gift.
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Super Bright Artificial Christmas Tree with Multi-Colored Lights

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This 7.5-foot tree features a display of 1500 multi-colored lights against a dark green background. Its low swept branches nearly touch the floor.

Collapsible Lighted Christmas Tree

Photo: PriceGrabber
Pre-lit Christmas tree sets up "instantly." This 5-foot, bargain-basement artificial Christmas tree is pre-stung with 100 white lights.

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