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Baltimore-Area Taxi Cab Companies


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In the Inner Harbor and other southern Baltimore neighborhoods, hailing a cab on the street is usually doable. But in other locations throughout the city, you'll have to call to get a cab. Here's everything you need to know about Baltimore taxi cabs.

Taxi cab companies in Maryland are regulated by the local municipality where they are located. There is a flat rate of $30 from BWI Airport to the city.

Below is a select list of Baltimore-area taxi cab companies. All of these are open 24 hours. The listed municipality is from where the ride should originate.

  • Airport Van and Limo (Metro area) - 443-505-1196
  • Baltimore Taxi Company (Baltimore City) - 410-327-7777
  • BWI Airport Taxi (only takes fares from the airport) - 410-859-1100
  • Cab Connection (Anne Arundel County) - 410-766-1000
  • Checker Cab - 410-685-1212
  • County Cab (Baltimore County) - 410-338-0000
  • Jimmy's Cab Co. (Baltimore County) – 410-296-7200
  • Sun Cab Company - 410-235-0300
  • Valley Cab (NW Baltimore County)- 410-486-4000
  • Yellow Transportation Cab Co. (Baltimore City) - 410-685-1212
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