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Parking Garages near the Inner Harbor and Downtown


Get tips on how to avoid the headaches that can be associated with parking near the Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor Parking Garages (south of Lombard Street)

  • Central Parking
    400 E. Pratt Street
    Entrance on Gay St. and Lombard St.
  • Renaissance Harbor Place Parking Garage
    202 E. Pratt St.
    Entrance on South St. (make a left from Lombard St. or E. Pratt Street)
  • Lockwood Place Garage
    124 Market Street
    Entrance on Lombard St. and Market St.
  • Pier Five Parking
    711 E. Pratt St.
    Entrance on Pratt Street
  • Little Italy Garage
    400 S. Central Ave
    410-539-1790. Open until 3 a.m.
    S. Central and Eastern avenues
  • Caroline Street Garage
    805 S. Caroline St.
    Caroline and Lancaster streets

Downtown Parking Garages (Lombard Street and north)

  • Marriot Hotel Garage
    110 S. Eutaw St.
    Lombard and Eutaw streets
  • Holiday Inn Hotel Garage
    301 W. Lombard St.
    Lombard and Eutaw streets
  • St. Paul Place Garage
    210 N. Saint Paul St.
    St. Paul and Saratoga
  • Allright Parking (Mercantile Bank)
    2 Hopkins Plaza
    Across from the Sheriton Baltimore Inner Harbor Hotel
  • Arrow Parking
    210 West Baltimore St.
  • Edison Parking
    100 W. Fayette St.
    Across from the Sheriton Baltimore Inner Harbor
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