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Parking Garages near the Inner Harbor and Downtown


Downtown Baltimore, Inner Harbor
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Get tips on how to avoid the headaches that can be associated with parking near the Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor Parking Garages (south of Lombard Street)

  • Central Parking
    400 E. Pratt Street
    Entrance on Gay St. and Lombard St.
  • Renaissance Harbor Place Parking Garage
    202 E. Pratt St.
    Entrance on South St. (make a left from Lombard St. or E. Pratt Street)
  • Lockwood Place Garage
    124 Market Street
    Entrance on Lombard St. and Market St.
  • Pier Five Parking
    711 E. Pratt St.
    Entrance on Pratt Street
  • Little Italy Garage
    400 S. Central Ave
    410-539-1790. Open until 3 a.m.
    S. Central and Eastern avenues
  • Caroline Street Garage
    805 S. Caroline St.
    Caroline and Lancaster streets

Downtown Parking Garages (Lombard Street and north)

  • Marriot Hotel Garage
    110 S. Eutaw St.
    Lombard and Eutaw streets
  • Holiday Inn Hotel Garage
    301 W. Lombard St.
    Lombard and Eutaw streets
  • St. Paul Place Garage
    210 N. Saint Paul St.
    St. Paul and Saratoga
  • Allright Parking (Mercantile Bank)
    2 Hopkins Plaza
    Across from the Sheriton Baltimore Inner Harbor Hotel
  • Arrow Parking
    210 West Baltimore St.
  • Edison Parking
    100 W. Fayette St.
    Across from the Sheriton Baltimore Inner Harbor
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