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Baltimore's Water Taxi

Ed Kane's Water Taxi in Baltimore


Traveling by water taxi in Baltimore is more about the journey than the destination. Traveling on the water taxi from popular attractions like the Inner Harbor or Fort McHenry to waterfront neighborhoods like Fells Point or Canton usually is slower than other modes of transportation, but it's a delightfully relaxing way to see the city.

How to Ride the Water Taxi

Water Taxi stops are clearly marked on land. Find one and wait for the next boat. In the summer expect a 15-30 minute wait depending on the popularity of the stop. Pay on board the boat and receive a hand stamp good for all day. Tickets on board are cash only (You can purchase tickets using a credit card online or at the Baltimore Visitors Center in the Inner Harbor). Adult tickets receive a "letter of marque" (a.k.a a brochure of about two dozen coupons).


Water Taxi tickets are good for unlimited rides for one day.

  • $10 for adults
  • $5 for children


The Water Taxi is rarely a straight shot from one landing to another and can often require a transfer. Fells Point, Harborplace, and Fort McHenry are among the most popular stops. be sure to ask your captain if you're unsure of your route.

Water Taxi Hours and Seasons

The Water Taxi runs all year, but hours and number of boats running are more limited when it's not summer. Check when you get on the boat when the last one of the evening is for your return stop. For instance, the last boat from fort McHenry in the summer is at 5 p.m., though service elsewhere continues from other stops until 11 p.m. Hours can also vary depending on events for the day; they are extended when there's an evening game at Camden Yards.

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