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Readers Respond: Where's your favorite spot before (and after) an O's game?

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A day at Camden Yards can entail so much more than just a baseball game. Grabbing a beer and a bite before the first pitch makes the experience that much more enjoyable - whether the Orioles win or lose.

I'm a fan of Pickles (of course, it's a classic) and Sliders. I also love to hit Cross Street or Lexington markets. What about you?

Inner Harbor post-game

The inner harbor comes alive after the O's game with many venues featuring both indoor and outdoor live music. You've got Phillips, Hard Rock, and ESPN. I really love Tir Na Nog, relaxing Irish flavors and a wonderful covered patio overlooking the harbor and the Constellation. They've even been known to have a live 80's band rockin' for the lads and lasses.
—Guest Ken Stastny

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